Be a Cool Food ambassador

Spread the word

Help us keep our cool by becoming an ambassador to Cool Food. If you believe that everybody can make small changes to create a better, cooler planet, then help us spread the word.

Tell your group, club, school or association about Cool Food and show them how to take the Cool Food challenge. It’s a simple and fun way to show people they can make a big difference by working together with other people in their community.

How it works

We’ll show you how to use our simple, user-friendly Cool Food app to sign people up, with the help of a full training session and our Cool Food manual.

We’ll support you with a range of fun, inspiring resources, such as tasty recipes and top tips to help motivate others.

We’ll also be on hand to support your Cool Food activities.


COOL FOOD is a Franco-British project created under the INTERREG FRANCE (CHANNEL) ENGLAND Programme.
It supports the transition to a low-carbon economy in the food sector.