Be a Cool Food ambassador

Spread the word

Now that you’ve signed up for Cool Food, could you help cool down your community and become a Cool Food Ambassador?

Tell your group, club, school or association about Cool Food and show them how to take the Cool Food challenge. It’s a simple and fun way to show people they can make a big difference by working together with other people in their community.

How it works

We’ll show you how to use our simple, user-friendly Cool Food app to sign people up, with the help of a full training session and our Cool Food manual.

We’ll support you with a range of fun, inspiring resources, such as tasty recipes and top tips to help motivate others.

We’ll also be on hand to support your Cool Food activities.


COOL FOOD est un projet Franco-Britannique, créé dans le cadre du Programme INTERREG FRANCE MANCHE ANGLETERRE.
Il soutient la transition vers une économie sobre en carbone dans le secteur de l’alimentation.